-The Group has published the “ABC policy” and “Whistleblowing Policy” on its corporate website and outlined the Group’s commitment to perform business operations with good ethics and integrity and to comply with applicable laws and regulations requirements on anti-bribery and corruption.





- The Group identifies, registers and evaluates the bribery risks and impacts on its activities, products and services.
- The Group also conducts due diligence procedures to determine whether a stakeholder is fit for the business relationship and able to operate ethically and in compliance with applicable laws and any policies set out by the Group. The internal Standard Operating Procedure (“SOP”) is designed to facilitate the operating companies to conduct due diligence on all stakeholders to minimise bribery and corruption within the Group. The due diligence procedures encompass employee recruitment, selection of suppliers and tender interviews and awarding processes.

- ABCMS Training

o Yearly external training for ABCMS committee members
o Yearly ABCMS internal training package for employees
o Online Quizzes to assess employees and committee members on ABCMS
o Training for internal auditors

- Communicate ABCSM initiatives to employees

o Distribution of ABCMS Pocket Cards (in English and Bahasa Malaysia languages) to all employees
o ABCMS awareness video (in English and Bahasa Malaysia languages)
o Routine ABCMS awareness sharing to the employees through the built-in intranet “SPARX”
o Printed ABCMS banners and posters
o ABCMS Info board
o ABCMS materials made available to all employees through the Group’s standard shared folder

- Made available in the language of communication used, i.e., English, the Supplier Code of Conduct and Ethics is also found on the corporate website to ensure effective communication of the Group’s business ethics and core values across the supply chain.